About Us

Where compassion takes wing and parrots find sanctuary.

Welcome to the Georgia Aviary – a sanctuary where feathers find hope and hearts take flight.

At the Georgia Aviary, we seek to provide a haven for parrots in need – offering rescue, rehabilitation, and lifelong care for these intelligent and vibrant birds. We're dedicated to creating a world where the beauty and plight of parrots are recognized, and their well-being is safeguarded for generations to come.

Our Vision

Nestled within the natural splendor of North Georgia, we envision a 12-acre sanctuary blanketed by forest canopy, alive with the calls and colors of our avian residents. Our sanctuary is designed to be a global exemplar – not just as a refuge for parrots but as an educational hub where the community can learn about the importance of conservation and the roles these birds play in our world.

Our Story

The seeds of the Georgia Aviary were planted by founder, Michael Bautsch, whose passion for parrots sparked a journey to address their urgent needs. From witnessing the struggles of neglected parrots, Michael envisioned a future where these birds could thrive – respected and loved. The Georgia Aviary is the realization of that vision, growing from a single act of kindness into a community dedicated to avian advocacy.

Our Facility

Our future facility, designed by the esteemed Epsten Group, renowned for their work in zoos and sanctuaries, will feature state-of-the-art amenities:

Spacious Aviaries: Designed for the comfort and stimulation of the birds, providing ample space to fly, socialize, and engage in natural behaviors.
Veterinary Hospital: On-site medical care specializing in avian health, ensuring that each bird receives the attention they need.
Visitor Center: An immersive experience for guests to learn about parrot species, conservation efforts, and how they can contribute to the cause.
Event Space: A place for community gatherings, workshops, and celebrations, all in support of our feathered friends.

Our Community

We believe in the power of community. That's why we're building partnerships with local and global organizations, fostering a network of support that extends far beyond our sanctuary walls. From educational institutions to conservation groups, we're collaborating to spread awareness and ignite change.

Join Us

The Georgia Aviary is more than a sanctuary – it's a movement. Whether you're a parrot enthusiast, an advocate for wildlife, or simply someone who believes in making a difference, we invite you to join us. Volunteer, donate, or simply spread the word – every action contributes to the wellbeing of our parrots and the health of our planet.

Together, we can ensure that the skies remain filled with the magic of parrots – in all their squawking, soaring, and splendid glory.

Contact Us

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